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SW Troy
Jay R. Troy, PM
Senior Warden

Greetings from the West-

It is my honor to serve at the pleasure of the lodge and Worshipful Brugman as your Senior Warden this year. Many of you already know me, but for the few that don't - I was raised in Granite-Corinthian lodge eight years ago, aside Worshipful Cory Kramer.

More recently, I served as Master at Eureka-DuPont lodge #23-29. I hope that I can bring my personal experience to Granite-Corinthian for the betterment of all. Last year during Worshipful Jones’ term, we tried to work together as masters to bring District 1 lodges into a more cohesive team. To that end it's beneficial for us to work and play with the other local lodges, to create opportunities for brothers and people in the line to participate more fully in the Craft along with their families. We need to be in the community and demonstrate those virtues that initially drew us to Masonry.

Freemasonry is a gentlemen's club, and gentlemen demonstrate the behaviors of gentlemen. Offer a stranger assistance, it's the simple things that make the big differences. In our world today it's easy to put up walls around yourself, break down those walls.

The senior Warden’s jewel is the Level, the level admonishes us to walk uprightly in our several stations before God and man. It is a representation of how we should behave to our fellow man. On the level, and remember that we are all equal in the eyes of our creator. For that reason, it is important not to forget the small opportunities that we have to help out the less fortunate.

I hope that you can join me in that mission, and look for opportunities in your life to contribute to the relief of others in need.


Jay R. Troy, PM
Senior Warden

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