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SW Brugman
Jason K. Brugman
Senior Warden

Greetings from the West-

The Senior Warden is supposed to pay wages and in contemporary Masonic terms that's usually a thank you and a pat on the back. So I'll start by saying thanks.

Thanks for coming to degrees, and sitting through business meetings, and training classes, and reading my rants in the trestle board. Thanks for being a part of this fraternity and for committing time and energy to growing personally, and for forging strong bonds with your brothers and their families. It means a great deal.

I'm also charged to make sure none go away dissatisfied and to promote harmony. And after attending the class on work, and the semiannual communication, where coincidentally we were recognized by the Grand Master, and entrusted with the traveling gavel, I realized that's a tall order.

We're all human and are subject to the human conditions presented by the stressors of work, health, family and even the fraternity. So I suppose I'd tell you to check the next column and heed the message from the South. Look after your health brothers, and if you need help ask, because health, like bad news, doesn't get better with age.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Jason K. Brugman

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