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JW Kramer
Cory R. Kramer
Junior Warden


Jumping back in this month to offer some additional information that are intended to bring awareness of small adjustments that can lead to improved physical fitness and well-being. I am certainly no expert, but offer these simple tips that I have personally embraced and found to help me in my own endeavors.

1. Never enter upon any great or important exercise or diet without first seeking the advice of a qualified physician. 2. You are NOT too old to build muscle. 3. The most powerful supplement for muscle is water. NEVER allow your muscles to dehydrate. 4. More muscle burns more calories at rest and at play. 5. Losing weight does not necessarily mean you are becoming more fit - The numbers can go up and this COULD be fine under the right circumstances. 6. Correlation between your fitness level and those around you is NOT a coincidence. 7. It takes much longer to lose muscle than it does to build it. 8. There is NO best time to exercise. It is ALWAYS waiting for you. 9. Sleep is critical to health and wellness. 10. Be kind to yourself and keep promises that you make to yourself.

Let me share my personal goal/path with you my Brothers. It has unknown term and does not start or end on January 1st of any year. It will eventually and certainly lead me to a seat in Celestial Lodge above, but not today! Today I resolve to running and playing with my children and theirs. Today I resolve to aid my fellow creatures and contribute to the hive wherever I can and for as long as I am physically and mentally able. Today I resolve to be kind to myself. 365 days per year, I resolve to have a plan to stay on my goal and path to happiness in this life and a blessed eternity. For the record, said plan makes no provision for cookies, cake or soda at 10PM!

Hope that you find these useful. Be well!


Cory R. Kramer, P.M.
Junior Warden

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