GC Logo Glossary of Masonic-Related Terms

The following is based on a list that was compiled from a composite of several publications of various Grand jurisdictions and local files. Every word has been reviewed for application, and barring oversight, all pronunciations are those generally accepted. They may vary elsewhere.

We sincerely hope you will find this mini-lexicon useful, both in learning and understanding the ritual, and in your general Masonic education.

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a-BIDE - to continue in a place; remain; dwell.
AB-sence - the act of not being present; lack; want.
a-BIF (a-BIFF) - Hiram Abif, the widow's son.
a-CA-cia (a-KAY-shia) - symbol of immortality; a tree.
ac-CEPT-ed (ak~CEPT-ed) - approved; admitted.
ac-CES-so-ry (ak-SESS-ory) - accomplice; he who assists the felon.
ac-COM-mo-DATE - to provide for; help.
ac-COM-pa-ny - to go with; attend; escort.
ac-COM-plice (ak-COM-phs) - an associate in wrong or crime.
ac-COM-plish - to make complete; achieve; attain; fulfill; realize.
ac-COM-plish-ing - fulfilling; completing.
ac-CORD - agreement; to render as due.
ac-CORD-ing-ly - in a comfortable manner; therefore.
ac-COST-ed - spoke first; addressed; greeted.
ad-JA-cent - lying near; close at hand; adjoining.
ad-JOIN-ing - border upon; adjacent; lying next to; be in contact.
ad-MIT - to allow; permit to enter; acknowledge the truth.
ad-MIT-tance - the act of admitting.
ad-MON-ish - to advise of a fault; caution; warn.
a-DORN-ed - decorated; furnished with ornaments; beautified.
ad-VANCE - to go, or cause to go forward or upward; proceed.
AF-fa-BIL-i-ty - friendliness; mildness.
af-FEC-tions (.shuns) - tender attachments; love.
af-FIL-i-ate (a-FILL-i-ate) - an adopted one; to join.
af-FIN-i-ty - kin; kind; kindred; any natural drawing or inclination.
af-FIRM-a-tive (-tiv) - confirmitive; positive.
a-GAIN (-GEN) - another time; once more; anew; afresh.
AGE (AJ) - given number of years.
A-HI-man RE-zon (Ah-HIGH-man RAY-zon) - The Law of the Prepared Brothers; a book of Masonic laws.
al-LE-giance (al-LEE-juns) - loyalty; fidelity; devotion.
AL-le-GO-ry - concealing lesson; story within a story; legend; parable.
al-LUDE (a-LUD) - to refer; imply.
al-LURE-ment - enticement; a charm; attraction.
al-LU-sion (-LU-zhun) - an alluding; an indirect reference.
A-mi-a-ble - gentle; loving; kind.
AM-mon-I-tish (AM-on-I-tish) - the people of Ammon.
AN-cient (AIN-shunt) - very old.
AN-gle (ANG-gl) - an angle of a square.
AN-no DOM-i-ni - year of the Lord (abbreviated A.D.).
AN-no LU-cis - year of light (abbreviated A.L.).
AN-no-TA-tion - the act of annotating; a comment.
an-TIQ-ui-ty (-TIK-wi-ti) - belonging to ancient times.
a-PART-ment - a room or suite of rooms.
ap-PEAR-ance - external show or aspect; that which appears or seems.
ap-PEAR-ed - came forth into view or public notice.
ap-PREN-tice (a-PREN-tis) - a learner.
ap-PRISE (a-PRIZ) - to notify, as of an event; advise; inform.
ap-PROACH - to come or cause to come near or nearer.
A-pron (A-prun) - a covering to protect the front of a person's clothes.
AR-bi-TRA-ri-ly - dictatorially; domineering; imperious; overbearing.
AR-chi-tect (AR-ki-tect) - a designer or builder.
AR-chi-TEC-ture (AR-ki-TEK-tur) - a style or system of buildings.
AR-chives (AR-kives) - place for historical records.
a-RIGHT - correctly; proper; without error
a-RISE (-RIZE) - to get up; come up; ascend.
ar-TIF-i-cer (ar-TIF-i-ser) - a skillful designer; an inventor.
as-CEND-ing - mounting; climbing; rising; going upward.
AS-cer-TAIN - find out; make certain; determine.
ASH-lar (-Ier) - block of stone.
as-PIR-ing - longing for; reaching upward; aiming at.
as-SEM-blage (-blij) - meeting of the Craft; a gathering.
AS-si-DU-i-ty (AS-i-DUE-ity) - faithful personal attention; watchfulness.
as-SIS-tance - help; aid; support; relief.
as-SUR-ance - confidence; a promise; undoubting.
A-the-ist - non believer in Deity; a Godless person.
a-TROC-i-ty (a-TROS-i-ti) - cruelty; wickedness; shocking event.
at-TACH-ed - made fast to something; joined; united.
at-TAIN-ed - arrived at (a desired object); came to in space or time.
at-TEMPT-ed - made an effort; tried; endeavored.
at-TEND - to be an attendant; to be present.
at-TEN-tion (-shun) - close attending.
at-TEN-tive - giving or showing attention.
AT-tri-BUTE - that which is assigned or ascribed.
AU-di-ence - an assembly of hearers; the act of hearing; attention; an opportunity to speak.
au-GUST (awe-GUST) - grand; kingly; majestic.
a-VOUCH - to affirm positively; assert; proclaim.
a-WAIT - to wait for; expect; to be ready or in store for.
AWE - reverential fear.
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BAR-ba-rous (-rus) - cruel; brutal; savage.
BARE - naked; exposed to view.
be-FALL-en - occurred or happened.
be-HELD - seen; looked upon; viewed.
be-HOLD - to look at or upon; view; see; observe something; look.
be-NEF-i-cent - bringing about or doing good.
BEN-e-FITS - advantages; helpful results; favors.
be-NEV-o-lence - act of kindness; charity.
BIND-ing - obligatory (legal or moral obligation).
BLEM-ish - stain; flaw; spot; dishonor.
be-SEECH-ing - asking; pleading; begging.
BLUSH-ing - reddening; becoming red.
BO-AZ - strength; a pillar of the Temple.
BONE - the Hebrew word "boneh"; builder.
BOOK of NA-ture - any one of the writings of which the Bible is made up; anything considered (as a record or a setting forth of truth).
BOUN-te-ous (-us) - giving freely and largely; generous.
BOUN-ty - liberality in giving or bestowing.
BOURNE (BORN) - bound; goal; that which limits; end.
BRA-zen - brassy; bold.
BREAST (BREST) - the front of the chest.
BRETH-ren - brothers; plural of brother.
BROW - the upper edge of a cliff; upper part of slope.
BUR-y (BER-I ) - to put in or under the ground or other covering.

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CA-ble-tow (KA-buMow) - rope; cable; cord; ritualistically, symbol or method of control of an initiate.
CA-ble-tow's LENGTH - at one time, three miles; the scope of a person's reasonable ability; six hundred feet; nautical measure, one hundred fathoms. The length of a cabletow differs with individuals.
ca-LAM-i-ty - a misfortune or disaster.
CAN-di-DATE (-date or-dit) - a nominee or aspirant for any position or honor.
CAN-o-py - starry decked heavens; overhead cover.
CAR-di-nal - of prime importance; principal.
CAR-nal- pertaining to bodily appetites; sexual; sensual.
CARE - concern; watchfulness.
CAS-u-al-ty (CAZH-yu-ul-ti) - a fatal or serious accident; battle casualty.
CAUSE (CAUSED) - an efficient agent; anything derived from another; a legal action that from which anything first proceeds.
CAT-"hisin (-kizm) - taught by word of mouth.
CAV-D-ing - finding fault with; picking flaws.
ce-LES-tial (-chul) - heavenly; of the sky.
ce-MENT (se-MENT) - bond of union; to bind together.
CER-e-MO-nies - forms; sacraments.
CHALK - a soft grayish limestone.
CHANG-ing - to exchange or give equivalent for.
CHARGE - to give instructions; directions; admonitions; command.
CHAN-ters - the capitals of pillars or columns.
CHAP-ter - a body of Royal Arch Masonry.
CHAR-ac-ter (KAR-) - a form of secret writing.
CHAR-ac-ter-IS-tic - a distinctive feature; trait.
CHAR-coal - a black substance burning without smoke or flame.
CHAR-i-ty - universal love or goodwill; forgiving.
CHAR-ter - an authority; warrant; constitution.
CHER-ish - to care for kindly; hold dear; comfort.
Cl-pher (SI-fur) - any numerical character; a number.
cir-cum-AM-bu-LA-tion - the act of walking around the Lodge room; in Texas, clockwise, with squared corners.
CIR-cum-SCRIBE - to confine within bounds; restrict.
CIR-curn-SPEC-tion - watchfulness in all directions against danger or error.
CIR-cum-STANCE (SIR-cum-STANS) - an event; happening; or fact.
clan-DES-tine (klan-DES-tin) - illegal; one made in a clandestine Lodge.
CLAY - earth in general.
CLEAVES - divides along natural lines; sticks fast.
CLEFTS (KLEFTS) - divides partially or completely; fissures in a rock.
CLIME - region; climate.
CLOTHED (CLOTHD) - covered or provided with clothes; invested.
COL-umn (COL-urn or KOL-urn) - a vertical shaft or pillar.
com-MEM-o-RA-tion (-shun) - memorial; keeping in remembrance or action.
com-MENC-ing - beginning; starting.
com-MEN-su-rate (-shur-rit) - in proper proportion.
COM-mon GAV-el (COM-mon GAV-ell) - Mason's mallet, hammer-Re on one end and chiselsharp on the other.
corn-MIS-er-ate (com-MIZ-) - to pity; sympathize.
com-MU-n-i-CATE - inform; announce; conveyance of information.
com-MU-ni-CAT-ed (-KAT-ed) - made known;_gave a share of.
com-MU-ni-CA-tion - Masonic meeting (stated or special); an exchange of thoughts or information.
com-PAN-ions - ones who or those which accompany; comrades; associates.
COM-pass-es (KUM-puses) - instrument having two branches or legs.
com-PAS-sion (com-PASH-un) - pity for suffering; sympathy.
COM-pe-ten-cy - sufficient ability or authority.
com-PLE-tion (-shun) - the act of completing.
com-POSE (-POZE) - to make up of elements or parts; construct; form.
com-POS-ite (kum-POZ-it) - order of architecture.
con-CEAL - hide; keep from sight or knowledge.
con-CERN-ing (-SURN) - in relation to; about.
con-CIL-i-ate - gain; win; to reconcile.
CON-dem-NA-tion (-shun) - denounce; censure; convict reprove.
CON-de-SCEN-sion (-SEN-shun) - graciousness; courtesy to inferiors.
con-DI-tion (-DISH-un) - the state or mode in which a person or thing exists.
con-DUCT - to accompany and show the way.
con-DUC-tor - an escort; guide.
con-FERRED (-FURD) - gave a degree to a candidate.
con-FES-sion (-FESH-un) - the act of confessing; acknowledgement of an action.
con-FIRM (con-FURM) - to assure by added proof; make certain; ratify.
CON-fla-GRA-tion (-shun) - a great or extensive fire.
con-FORM-i-ty - the act of conforming; agreement; harmony.
con-FU-sion (-zhun) - the act of confusing-or being confused; disorder; distraction.
con-GRAT-u-late (-GRAT-yu-late) - to salute approvingly.
con-NEC-tion (-shun) - the act or means of connecting or uniting.
CON-science (-shuns) - power of self-knowledge; right or wrong.
CON-scious (CON-shus) - mindful; cognizant; aware.
CON-se-CRAT-ed - made reverend; set apart as sacred.
CON-se-QUENT (-KWENT) - result; cause.
con-SIST - to be composed or constituted.
con-SPIR-a-cy (kon-SPIR-a-si) - plot; scheme; secret combination of persons.
CON-stant-ly - steadily in purpose; unchanging.
CON-sti-TUT-ed - established as by authority; enacted.
CON-sti-TU-tions (-shuns) - fundamental laws that govern.
con-SULT - take counsel; confer; deliberate.
CON-tem-PLAT-ing - considering thoughtfully; intending; planning.
con-TEM-PLA-tive - plan; thoughtful; meditative.
con-TIN-u-al-ly (-yu-ul) - constantly; unceasing.
con-TIN-u-ance - state of continuing; duration.
con-TRACT-ing - to become affected with (as a disease or habit).
con-TRIB-ute - to give in common with others.
con-TRIVE - to scheme; plot; plan; devise.
con-VERSE - conversation; commune; interchange of thoughts.
con-VERT - to change or become changed to another state; transform.
con-VEY (con-VAY) - carry; transmit.
con-VEY-ed (-VAY-) - transported from one place to another; carried; transmitted; transport.
Co-RIN-thi-an (Ko-RIN-thi-an) - an order of architecture.
CORN - anciently used to denote any edible grain; rye; barley; wheat.
cor-RECT - to set right or straight; precise.
COR-re-SPON-dence - the act, condition, or state of corresponding; aggreement.
COUN-sel - to advise; in favor of; good judgment.
COUN-te-nance (nuns) - an encouraging aspect; face or feature.
COW-ans (KOW-anz) - intruder; pretender; uninstructed.
COW-ard-ice (COW-ur-dis) - lack of courage; timidity.
cre-AT-ed (cre-A-ted) - caused to come into existence; originated; produced.
Cre-A-tor - God; Maker of the Universe.
cri-TE-ri-on - a model or example; a test; rule or measure.
CU-bit - about 18 inches; length of the forearm; ancient measure.
CUM-brous (-brus) - cumbersome; heavy.
CU-ri-OS-i-ty - excitement of interest or inquiry; novel; odd; strange.
CUS-torn - habit; fashion; manner; practice.
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DAN-ger-ous (-us) - attended with danger; hazardous; unsafe.
DAUB-ing - smearing or coating with something sticky.
de-BASE - corrupt; impair; degrade.
de-COR-urn - becoming conduct; manner; politeness.
DED-i-CAT-ed (DED-i-CA-ted) - set apart for sacred uses; consecrated; devoted.
DEEM-ing - judging; considering; thinking; regarding; believing.
de-FEN-sive (de-FEN-siv) - an attitude or condition of defense or protection.
de-FRAUD - cheat; swindle; take or withhold something by fraud.
DE-i-ty - a god; goddess or divine person.
de-LIN-e-ATE - to draw in outline; trace out; to portray.
de-LIV-er-ance - rescue; release; liberation.
de-MEAN - to lower in dignity or reputation; debase; to degrade.
de-MEAN-or - behavior; conduct.
de-MIT (See dirnit) - resign; to drop.
DEM-on-STRATES - points out; makes clear. de-NIED - rejected as false; declined; renounced.
de-NOM-i-NAT-ed - gave a name to; named; called.
de-NOM-i-NA-tions (-shuns) - that act of naming; call.
de-NOT-ing (de-NOTE-ing) - pointing out; showing.
de-PORT-ment - conduct or behavior; manner.
de-POS-it (-POZ-it) - to place in a receptacle.
de-ROG-a-TO-ry (de-ROG-a-TOE-re) - lessening in good repute, detracting.
de-SCEND-ing (-SEND-) - going down; falling.
de-SIGN (-ZINE) - to map out in the mind; plan; to draw.
DES-ig-NATE (DEZ-) - to select or appoint for a specific purpose,
de-SIR-ous (-ZIR-us) - having desire; wish or craving; eager to obtain.
DES-ti-TUTE - extremely poor; not having; needing.
de-TACH - separate; disunite; disengage.
DE-tes-TA-tion (-shun) - extreme dislike; hatred; loathing.
DEV-as-TA-tion (-shun) - the act of devastating; waste; destruction.
DE-vi-ate - to turn from a straight course; wander.
de-VOLVED - passed from a possessor to a successor or substitute; transmitted.
de-VO-tions (-shuns) - state of being devoted; acts of worship; prayers.
DIC-tates - to declare with authority; command; prescribe; impose; order.
DIF-fi-cult - hard to do or be done; troublesome.
DIF-fi-cul-ty - an obstacle; hinderance; hard to do.
DIG-ni-ty - high rank; high honor.
di-LATE - amplify; to speak fully.
DI-LEM-ma (dih-LEM-ma) - a perplexing predicament.,
di-MEN-sions (-shuns) - magnitudes; as height, length and breadth.
di-MIT - to withdraw from Lodge; sometimes spelled demit.
di-RECT - to determine the direction of command; order.
dis-CERN-ing - quick to discern; penetrating or judging.
dis-COV-er-y - the act of discovering; disclosure.
dis-EASE (di-ZEEZ) - illness; ailment; disorder.
DIS-pen-sa-tion (-shun) - a dealing out; distribution; authority given by Grand Master.
dis-PENSED - waived the observance of; relinquished.
dis-PERSED (-PURST) - scattered; dissipated; placed near together irregularly.
dis-PLAY - to unfold; expose; bring to the view or mind; exhibit.
dis-POSED - parted with; got rid of.
DIS-po-SI-tion (-ZISH-un) - the act of disposing; manner of disposal.
dis-SAT-is-FIED - displeased; disappointed.
dis-SIM-u-LA-tion (-shun) - false pretense; hypocrisy; deception.
DIS-so-LU-tion (-shun) - death; separation of soul and body.
dis-TINCT - clear to the senses or mind; plain; unmistakable.
dis-TIN-guish (-gwish) - to recognize as separate; discriminate.
dis-TIN-guish-ed (dis-TING-gwisht) - conspicuous; eminent; told apart.
dis-TRESS - acute or extreme suffering or its caused pain; trouble.
dis-TURB - to rouse from repose or rest; disquiet.
di-VEST-ed - (as in divide) deprived; stripped; undressed.
di-VIDE - to cut or separate or cause to separate into parts; disunite.
DOR-ic (DOR-ik) - order of architecture.
DOR-mant - a Lodge that has ceased to work; inactive.
DOT-age (DOE-tij) - feebleness of mind due to old age; senility.
DOUB-le (DUB-1) - two fold; twice as much.
DREAD-fu4y - awfully; terribly; frightfully.
DUE - regular; proper; owed; lawful.
DUE ex-AM-i-NA-tion - the word "due" refers to the manner.
DUE FORM - in the proper manner.
DUE GUARD (DUE-GARD) - mode of recognition.
DUE o-BE-di-ence - according to Grand Lodge requirement.
DU-Iy - in accordance with what is due; fitly; in due time or manner.
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EAVES-DROP-pers (EEVZ-) - those who listen secretly.
EBBS - low tides; to decline.
e-CLIP-tic - circle; pertaining to the eclipses.
E-dicts (EE-dickts) - proclaimed by authority as rules of action.
ED-i-fice (ED-i-fis) - buflding or structure.
ef-FEC-tu-al-ly (ef-FEC-choo-el-e) - to produce a result; with effect; truly.
EM-blern-AT-i-cal - symbolic; pertaining to an emblem.
EM-i-nent - high in station; remarkable; noted; great.
EM-u-LA-tion - act of striving to equal or excel another in quality.
en-A-bled (-bld) - made able; supplied with equal power or means.
en-DEAV-or-ed (-DEV-ur-) - attempted to do or attain something; tried.
en-DUE - to clothe; invest.
en-GRAVE - fashion or copy by carving.
EN-sign (EN-sin) - a badge or symbol of office.
en-SU-ing - following; following as a consequence; resulting.
EN-ter - to go or come from outside to the interior; appear; begin.
EN-ter-ed Ap-PREN-fice - entered as a learner.
en-TI-tie - to authorize to receive or require.
EN-trance (-truns) - the act of entering.
E-PHRA-im-ites (EE-FRA-mites) - tribe of Israel.
E-qual-ly (EE-kwul-) - state of being equal; exact agreement; uniformity.
ERE - prior to; in time; earlier or sooner than; rather than; before.
e-RECT - to set up as a building; build; found; form.
ERR (ER-as in her) - wander from the truth; mistake; to go astray morally, sin.
es-CAPE (es-KAPE) - to flee; get away safely; elude.
ES-o-TER-ic (ES-o-TER-ik) - not written.
es-PE-cial-ly (es-PESH-ul-ly) - exceptionally; noteworthily.
es-SEN-fial (es-SEN-shul) - indispensable; necessary; absoulutely requisite.
es-TAB-lish - to settle or fix firmly.
es-TEEM - estimate; value; deem; respect.
E-thi-O-pi-a - country in Afri~a.
EU-cfid (YOU-klid) - geometrician who lived about 300 B.C.
EU-nuch (YOU-nuk) - an emasculated man, usually one castrated before puberty.
eu-RE-ka (u-REE-ka) - "I have found it."
e-VA-sion (-zhun) - the act, means, or result of evading; avoidance.
e-VA-sion OF MIND - the act, means, or results of evading; to use words of double meaning-, to evade the truth.
EV-i-dence - certainty', proof; testimony.
ex-ACT (egz-) - perfectly conformed to a standard; precise.
ex-ALT-ed (egz-AWLT-ed) - elevated, raised in rank, position or dignity!, sublime; glorify.
ex-AM-ine (egz-AM-in) - to inspect or scrutinize with care; analyze.
EX-cel-lent - superior in worth or value; eminent; excelling.
ex-CESS - waste; intemperance; extra; overplus.
ex-CIT-ed - produced agitation in; aroused; stimulated.
EX-cla-MA-tions (-shuns) - clamorous or passionate outcries..
EX-e-CUT-ed (EX-e-CU-ted) - accomplished; performed; put to death (according to law).
ex-EM-pla-ry (eg-ZEM-play-ree) - fitted to serve as an example worthy of imitation.
ex-EM-ph-FY (egz-) - Masonic Degree for instruction.
EX-er-CIS-es (-SIZES) - performances; practices; use; occupations; exerts.
ex-IS-tence (egz-) - being; the state or fact of being or continuing to be.
EX-o-TER-ic (EX-o-TER-ik) - written; opposite of esoteric.
ex-PANSE - a vast continuous area or stretch as the blue expanse of heaven.
ex-PE-di-ent - speedy and beneficial; a desired end.
EX-pla-NA-tion - the act or means of explaining.
ex-TEND-ing - covering a great extent of time or space.
ex-TEN-sive - of or pertaining to extension.
ex-TER-nal (ex-TUR-nul) - being on or relating to the exterior; visible from the outside.
ex-TORT - to obtain from a person by violence; threat; wrest.
ex-TREM-i-ty - desperate distress or need; the greatest degree.
EX-tri-CATE - to liberate from or set free from hinderance.
ex-U-ber-ance (egz-YOO-) - superabundance.
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FAITH-ful - devoted; firm; loyal; true.
FALL-ing - moving downward; descending.
FAR-ther - more distant in space; more advanced.
FAULT - a slight offense; error; wrong; a weakness.
FEAR - be anxious; fright; dread; horror; to doubt.
FELL-ed - caused to fall.
FEL-lows - companions; equals; persons or individuals.
FEL-low CRAFT - the Second Degree of Freemasonry.
FEL-low-SHIP - the state of being a companion or fellow.
FER-ven-cy (FUR-ven-sy) - the state of burning with zeal or eagerness; devotion.
FER-vent (FUR-) - burning or very hot.
fi-DELi-ty (fi-DEL-i-ti) - faithfulness in discharge of duty or obligation.
FLAT-ter - to praise unduly.
FLOWS (FLOZ) - moves along smoothly; high tides.
for-BID-ding - bidding or commanding against an act; prohibiting.
FORE-head (FOR-ed) - the upper part of the face.
FOR-eign (FOR-in) - not native.
FOR-ests OF LEB-a-non - large tracts of woods on east coast of the Mediterranean; the forest mountains of Syria north of Palestine; the timbers of King Solomon's Temple were supposed to have been prepared there and conveyed in floats by sea to Joppa.
FORTH - forward in place, time or order.
FOR-ti-TUDE - courage; endurance.
FORTY-SEVENTH PROBLEM OF EUCLID - in Operative Masonry, apprentices were taught geometry by means of this problem; also known as the theorem of Pythagoras; the theorem of the three squares are but a few of the many names used to designate the Forty-Seventh Problem of Euclid.
fra-TER-ni-ty - brotherly affection.
FRAUGHT (FRAWT) - laden; full.
FREE-BORN - not bom in servitude.
FREE-MA-son-ry - is an organized society of men symbolically applying the principles of Operative Masonry and architectures to the science and art of character building; before the 18th century, Operative Masons worked in freestone; free of Guild's Laws; free to travel in foreign countries.
FROM - starting at; beginning with; a watch word.
fru-i-tion (fru-ISH-un) - the yielding of expected results; fulfillment.
FUR-ther (-thur) - in addition; besides; also.
FUR-ther-MORE - besides; moreover.
FU-ture (FYOO-choor) - the time yet to come.
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GAIN-ed - obtained; achieved.
GEN-er-A-tions (-shuns) - steps or degrees in natural descent.
GEN-er-ous (JEN-er-ous) - liberal; free-hearted; having noble qualities.
GEN-u-ine (JEN-yu-in) - honest; pure; sincere; authentic.
ge-OM-e-try (ge-OM-e-tre) - a science of magnitudes.
GIL-e-ad - the Syrian Mountains.
GOL-den FLEECE - order of chivalry in Europe established in the 15th Century.
GOV-ern (GUV-ern) - to control or exercise of authority; regulate; influence.
GRIP - grasp; hold fast; token.
GUILT (GILT) - wrong doing; a state of condemnation.
GUT-tur-al - pertaining to the throat.
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HAH - Hebrew meaning 'The'.
HAIL - greet; a call.
HAIL-ed - gave greeting to; saluted; called loudly to.
HALE - hearty and well.
HAR-mo-ny - accord in feelings; agreement in relations.
HAST-en (HAY-SEN) - to drive or urge forward speedily; expedite; be quick; hurry.
HAV-oc - destruction; ruin.
HAZ-ard - exposure to the chance of loss or injury; risk; peril; danger.
HEAL - to make legal.
HEC-a-tomb (HEK-a-tome) - a hundred oxen.
HEEL - part of the foot.
HELE (HALE) - to cover; conceal; hide.
HES-i-TA-tion (HEZ-i-TA-shun) - the act of being slow, or uncertain in action.
HEWN - dressed with an edged tool.
HID - past tense of hide.
HIDE - conceal.
HIGH-TWELVE (HI-TWELVE) - the middle of the day; noon; the central  point of the working period.
HI-er-o-GLYPH-i-cal-ly (-GLIF-i-c&1y) - pertaining to the writing of ancient  Egypt.
HOLD-en (HOLdn) - past participle of hold, still in legal use.
HO-lies - holy things or qualities; sanctuaries.
HO-Iy - set apart for the service of God; or for sacred uses.
HOM-age (HOM-ij) - to pay respect or reverence.
HOOD-winked - blindfolded; covered; concealed.
HOR-i-ZON-tal - parallel to the horizon; on a level.
HOR-rid - fitted to inspire horror; dreadful; outrageous.
HOR-ror - that which excites fear or dread; fright.
HOST - an army; a large body of men.
HUM-ble - meek; unpretending.
hy-POC-ri-sy - sham; deception; pretense.
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i-DEN-ti-FY - to ascertain or determine.
ig-NIT-ed - set on fire; caught fire.
il-LE-gal - contrary to law.
il-LU-mi-NATE - to supply with light.
IL-lus-STRAT-ed (-TRAY-ted) - explained by means of figures; examples.
im-ME-di-ate - without delay; instant; close; next.
IM-me-MO-ri-al (IM-mi-) - beyond memorial.
IM-mi-nent - about to happen; impending; said especially of danger; near at hand.
im-MOR-al - violating the moral law.
IM-mo-RAL-i-ty - vice; wickedness; the quality of being bad or corrupt.
im-MOR-tal - having unending existence; deathless; everlasting; eternal.
IM-mor-TAL-i-ty - exemption from death or oblivion; eternal life or fame; unending.
im-MOR-tal-IZED - caused to be forever remembered; make eternally great.
im-MOV-a-ble (im-MOOV-a-ble) - that which cannot be moved; steadfast.
im-PART - to make known; give; to communicate.
IM-per-CEP-ti-bly - that which cannot be perceived.
im-PRES-sion (im-PRESH-un) - an effect produced on the senses, the mind, the feelings or the conscience; idea; mark.
IM-pi-ous - ungodly; wicked; lacking reverence.
IM-ple-ment - a thing used in work; tool; instrument.
im-PLORED - called to or for; urgently; asked; pleaded; prayed.
IM-pre-CA-tions (IM-pre-KAY-shuns) - the acts of invoking as a judgment; curses.
im-PROVE (im-PROOV) - to make or become better; increase the value; to use to good purposes; turn to advantage.
IN-cense - the odor or fumes of spices burned as an act of worship.
in-CENSED - angered; chafed; enraged; irritated; incited to anger; provoked.
in-CLEM-en-cies - unmild weather.
in-CON-se-quence - not according to sequence; contrary to reasonable influence.
in-cor-RUPT-i-ble - incapable of corruption; above the power of bribes; pure.
in-CUL-CATE - teach; impress; admonition.
in-CUM-bent - resting; leaning.
in-DENT-ed TESS-el - in architecture; notched or serrated; formed into several angles; laid with or adorned with checkered mosaic tile or pavement; border of King Solomon's Temple.
IN-di-gent (Jent) - poor; without property; needy.
IN-dis-CRIM-i-nate-ly (IN-dis-CRIM-i-nit-ly) - showing no discrimination; without distinction.
IN-dis-POSED - ill; unwell; disinclined; ailing.
IN-dis-SOL-u-ble - that which cannot be dissolved; immortal.
in-DITE - to put into words or writing; expression; composition; to compose.
in-DUCED - influenced to an act; prevailed on; persuaded.
in-EF-fa-ble - too lofty or sacred for expression.
in-ES-ti-ma-ble - above price; very valuable.
in-FAT-u-A-tion (in-FAT-yoo-A-shun) - the state of being deprived of judgment.
IN-fi-nite (-nit) - unbounded; unlimited; absolute.
in-FLEX-i-ble - unyielding; firm; rigid; not to be turned from a purpose.
in-for-MA-tion (-shun) - knowledge acquired or derived.
in-FRINGE (-FRINJ) - to break or violate as an oath.
in-JUNC-tions (in-JUNK-shuns) - admonitions or orders given with authority.
IN-ju-ry - a wrong or damage done to another; hurt.
IN-no-cence - the condition of being ignorant of evil, of being blameless; pure.
IN-no-VA-tion (IN-no-VA-shun) - something made new or changed.
IN-stance - a case offered as an exemplification.
IN-spimRA-tion (-shun) - influence; enthusiasm; encouragement.
in-STRUC-ted - informed; taught.
in-STRUC-tion (-shun) - specific direction or command.
in-STRUC-tions - specific directions or commands.
in-STRUC-tive - fitted to instruct; conveying knowledge.
IN-stru-ment - means by which work is done; tool.
in-TEG-ri-ty - uprightness of character; probity; honesty; justice; worth.
in-TEL-li-gence (-jens) - knowledge; intellect.
in-TEL-Ii-gi-ble (-ji-bl) - capable of being understood; plain; clear.
in-TEM-per-ance - lack of moderation; excess.
IN-ter-COURSE - mutual exchange; innermost.
IN-ter-est-ing (-tres-ting) - holding the attention; exciting.
in-TER-nal - pertaining to the inner self or the mind; opposed to external.
IN-ti-mate (-met) - close; innermost; familar.
in-TRIN-sic - real; true.
IN-tro-DUCE (-DUSE) - to bring into the presence of and make known.
IN-un-DA-tion (-DAY-shun) - flood; or submerged.
in-VA-ri-a-ble - permanent; continual; always uniform.
in-VEST - to endow, as with office; invest with official jewel; to clothe.
in-VI-oa-ble - that which must not or cannot be violated.
in-VOK-ing - to call on for aid or protection; address, as in prayer; to invoke a blessing.
in-VOL-un-TA-ri-ly - contrary to one's will or wish; spontaneously.
I-ON-ic (-ik) - order of architecture.
ir-REG-u-LAR-i-ty - the condition of being disorderly or abnormal.
IS-ra-el (Mri-el) - called God's chosen people; the Jews.
IS-ra-el-IT-ish (Is-ra-el-l-tish) - pertaining to Israel.
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JA-chin (JAH-kin) - God will establish; pillar of temple;  Jah and iachin, Hebrew words.
JEPH-thah (JEF-thuh) - a judge in Israel.
Je-RU-sa-lem - city and capital of Judea.
JEW-els - anything of rare excellence or special value.
JOP-pa - a Biblical seaport.
JOR-dan (-dun) - a river in Palestine.
Jo-SE-phus (-SEE-fus) - Jewish historian.
JOUR-ney (JUR-) - trip; travel; transit.
JU-dah (JOO-duh) - the lion of the tribe of Judah.
ju-DI-cious (-dish-us) - wise; prudent; well-calculated.
JU-ris-DIC-tion (JOOR-is-DICK-shun) - power of those in authority; control.
JUS-tice (-tis) - uprightness; fairness.
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KNEEL (NEEL) - support the body on the bent knee or knees.
KNOW-ledge (NOL-ej) - a clear perception of that which exists.
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LAID - past tense and past participle of lay.
LAN-guish-ing (LANG-gwish-ing) - weak; listless.
LAN-tern - a transparent case of portable character for inclosing light.
LAUD-a-ble (LAWD-a-ble) - worthy of approval; praiseworthy; commendable.
LAW-ful - permitted; or not forbidden by law; just; right.
LEC-tures (LEK-churs) - instructs by lecturing.
LE-gal-ly - according to law; lawful.
LE-gal MASONIC INFORMATION - pertaining to or according to Masonic Law; in conformity with Masonic Law.
LEG-end (LEJ-end) - a story; partly true.
LEG-i-ble (LEJ-) - that which may be read or decipherable.
LE-ni-ent - gentle; mild; merciful.
LEV-el - having a flat and even surface; a device to prove a horizontal.
LEV.i-ty - lightness; want of seriousness or earnestness; frivolity.
LIB-er-ably - abundantly; generous.
li-CEN-tious (fie-SEN-shus) - careless of -rule and accuracy; lewd.
LILLY-WORK - symbol of peace and unity to Egyptians and Jews during the captivity, just as palms are symbols of peace to Christians.
LINE - in mathematics that which is conceived to have length without breadth or thickness; a mark drawn by an instrument; any slender mark or streak; a string or cord; mode or fashion of life and conduct; boundary.
LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH - refers in its original interpretation to Christ; Him who "brought life and immortality to light"; also describes the Messiah of the Jewish Mason, or the mediator of some of the ancient religions of the East whose worshippers are Masons; also one of the titles of King Solomon.
LODGE (LOJ) - a meeting place.
LOG-ic (LOJ-ic) - the science or art of reasoning.
LOW TWELVE - midnight; Masonically, low twelve is a symbol of death.
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MAG-ni-TUDES - largeness; vastness.
MAH - Hebrew meaning "what".
main-TAIN - to hold; to keep; to defend; to carry on or continue.
MAN-gled - disfigured; mutilated; bruising; cutting.
MAN-i-fold - of great variety; numerous.
MAN-u-al - done, made, or used by the hand.
MAST - upright pole in a sailing vessel to sustain the sails.
ma-TE-rW - pertaining to matter having a corporeal existence.
MAX-ims - the greatest rules, opinions, or authorities.
MEANS - money or property as a procuring medium.
MED-i-TAT-ing (-TA-ting) - deliberating; contemplating.
me-MO-ri-g - in memory of a person or an event.
MEM-o-ry (MEM-o-ree) - recollection; that which reminds.
MEN-tally - affected by or due to the mind; especially without written symbols.
MEN-tal RES-er-VA-tion (-shun) - pertaining to the mind.
me-RID-i-an - noontime; midday.
me-TAL-lic - pertaining to a metal.
MIN-er-als - any inorganic substance.
mi-NU-test - most exact, fine, precise.
mir-RAC-u-Ious (-yu4us) - affected by direct supernatural driving agency.
MIS-er-ies - extreme distress or suffering.
MON-u-ment - something erected to perpetuate the memory of a person or an event.
MOR-al - conforming to right conduct; good; virtuous.
mor-RALA-ty - the doctrine of man's moral conduct; duties; ethics; virtue.
Mo-RI-ah - a hill in Jerusalem; site of Solomon's Temple.
mo-SA-ic (mo-ZAY-ic) - inlaid work of stone; forming a pattern.
MUR-der-ous - pertaining to murder; destructive; given to murder.
MYS-ter-ies - things unknown; unexplained; a secret mystic.
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NAK-ed (NAY-ked) - having no clothes or garments on; nude; bare.
NAPH-ta-li (NAF-tal-fie) - one of Jacob's sons.
NEC-es-SA-ry - being such in its nature or conditions that it must exist or be true; essential.
ne-CES-si-ties - needs; an essential.
NEI-ther (NEE-thur) - not one or the other.
NET-work - a fabric of openwork; netting; a system of interlacing lines; tracks or channels, symbol of unity.
NI-ce-ty - a delicate point or distinction; precision.
NON-AGE - the period of legal minority.
NOUR-ish (NUR-ish) - furnish material to sustain life and growth; cherish.
NOUR-ish-ment - food; nutriment.
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OB-du-rate - unyielding; stubborn; hard.
o-BE-di-ence - submission to command; prohibition, law, rule, or duty; act of obeying.
o-BEY-ed - was obedient; complied.
OB-Ii-GA-tion (OB-Ii-GAY-shun) - duty; promise by which one is bound.
OB-Iong SQUARE - a rectangle; the shape of a Lodge.
ob-SER-vance (ob-ZUR-vuns) - act of observing as a custom or ceremony.
ob-SERVE (ob-ZURV) - to take notice of; note with attention; comply with.
ob-STRUC-tions (-shuns) - hinderances.
ob-TAIN-ing - getting possession; attaining by effort; gaining; winning.
oc-CA-sion (uh-CAY-zhun) - a particular event; exciting notice or interest.
oc-CA-sion-ed (uh-CAY-zhun-ed) - caused or brought about; made; produced.
OC-cu-PIED (-u-PIED) - filled; held; possessed.
oc-CURRED - presented itself to the mind; thought of or conceived.
o'CLOCK - a contraction of the clock signifying according to or by the clock; old way of asking time of day, "what's o'clock?"
OFF - away or free from; a test word.
of-FEN-sive (-siv) - serving as a means of attack; disagreeable.
OF-fi-ces (OF-ises) - ceremonies; rites; places or buildings.
OFT-en (OFF-en) - frequently occurring.
OP-er-A-tive (OP-er-A-tiv) - engaged in practical activity as a workman or mechanic.
O-ral - verbal by word of mouth.
O-ral-ly - uttered through the mouth; consisting of spoken words.
OR-bits - paths of Celestial Bodies.
O-ri-EN-tal CHAIR - seat of Worshipful Master.
o-RIG-i-NAT-ed (o-RIJ-) - created; invented.
OR-na-MENT-ed - marked with distinction; decorated.
OR-phan - a child whose parents are dead.
O-ver-SE-er - one who oversees.
OW-ing TO - attributable to; on account of; in consequence of.
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PAR-i-an (PARE-i-an) - ceramic ware of Parian marble.
PAR-tial4y (PAR-shu-1y) - pertaining to a part only.
par-TIC-u4ar (-yu-lur) - distinct; individual; precise.
PARTS - one of the points of Masonry.
PAS-sage (-ij) - a journey by conveyance, as by a vessel; exit or transmit.
PAS-sions (PASH-uns) - intense emotions; eager enthusiasm.
PA-tience (PAY-shuns) - calmness; composure; endurance.
PEC-to-ral (PEK-tor-al) - the breast.
PED-al (PEH-dal) - pertaining to the feet.
PE-nal (PEA-nal) - prescribing punishment.
PEN-al-ties - Masonic reprimands, suspensions, expulsions.
PEN-al-ty - a handicap imposed for violation of rules or laws.
PEN-ni-less - poor; poverty stricken.
per-CEIV-ing (-SEEV) - seeing; comprehending; discerning.
PER-fect (PUR-fict) - having the qualities; without defect.
per-FORM - execute; do.
per-MIS-sion (-MISH-un) - allowance; consent; permit.
PER-pen-DIC-u-lars (-yu-lures) - upright or vertical.
per-PET-u-al - continuing; unlimited in time; constant; lasting.
per-PET-u-ATE - to cause to be continued or to endure indefinitely.
PER-se-VER-ance - persistence; steadfastness.
PER-se-VER-ing - persistent of purpose.
per-SIST-ed - continued steadfast against opposition; to continue steadfastly.
pe-TI-tion (pe-TISH-un) - to request; to ask for; pray.
per-VADES - passes or spreads through every part; be diffused widely.
per-VAD-ing - diffused widely; spreading everywhere.
PHA-raoh (FAY-row) - monarch of ancient Egypt.
phi-LAN-thro-py - social elevation of mankind; benevolence.
phi-LOS-o-pher - a person of practical wisdom.
phi-LOS-o-phy - a scientific system.
PIERC-ing - penetrating with a pointed instrument.
PI-e-ty - devoutness; reverence toward God.
pi-LAS-ters (pi-LAST-ters) - partly projecting columns.
PILLARS (PIL-ars) - a firm, upright separate support; column or shaft; to adorn or support with or as with pillars; column to support a structure.
PIQUE (PEEK) - a feeling of irritation or resentment; envy; jealousy.
PLUCK-ed - gave a sudden pull or jerk.
PLUMB (PLUM) - for testing or finding perpendiculars.
PLUMB LINE (PLUM LINE) - Masonically, a symbol of rectitude of conduct; a cord by which a weight is suspended to test perpendiculars or depth of something; an emblem of uprightness.
POINT - in mathematics that which is conceived to have position but not parts or dimensions, as the extremity of a line; a puncture; a dot; a place.
POINT WITHIN A CIRCLE - the point represents the individual; the circle, the boundary line of his duty to God and man.
POINTS - the sharp end of any instrument, such as the scribes of the compasses or rules and regulations.
POME-gran-ate (POM-gran-it) - symbol of plenty.
POM-mels (POM-uls) - globes on pillars at the temple.
POR-tion (-shun) - an allotment; share; part.
po-SI-tion (-ZISH-un) - give a fixed place to; to place in a position; to locate.
POS-i-tive (POZ-i-tiv) - that is or may be directly affirmed; real; actual.
POS-si-ble - that may be or may become true.
pre-CEDE (-SEED) - to occur or exist before.
PRE-cepts (PREE-cepts) - rules of conduct or action.
pre-FER-ment - the act of elevating, or state of being elevated; advancement; the act of promoting.
pre-MED-i-tat-ed (-ta-ted) - revolved in the mind before hand; designed before doing.
PREP-a-RA-tion (PREP-a-RAY-shun) - the act, progress, or operation of preparing.
pre-ROG-a-tive - unquestioned right belonging to a person by virtue of position.
pre-SCRIBED - set or laid down, authoritatively for direction or control; ordained.
pre-SENT-ed (-ZENT-) - gave; donated.
pre-SIDES (-ZIDES) - acts as head or ruler.
pre-SUM-ed (ZOOM'D) - assumed; ventured; dared.
PRE-vi-ous-ly - prior; earlier.
PREY (PRAY) - any animals seized by another for food; plunder.
PRIV-i-lege (-Iij) - a peculiar benefit; favor or advantage.
PROB-a-BIL-i-ty - the state or quality of being probable; likelihood.
pro-BA-tion-a-ry (-shun-a-ry) - involving a test, examination, or trial.
pro-CEED - to go on or forward.
pro-CEED-ings - the acts or courses of action; records or minutes of meetings.
pro-DUCE - to bring to view; exhibit; show; bring forth.
pro-FANE - non-Mason; outside the temple.
pro-FI-cien-cy (-FISH-un-si) - an advanced state of attainment in knowledge.
pro-NOUNCED - spoke; asserted.
PROP-a-gate - to generate; be produced; multiply or cause to multiply; increase.
PROP-er4y - in a proper manner; suitably, rightly.
PROP-er-ties - means; money; ownership.
pro-POR-tions (-shuns) - ratio; equal or just share.
pro-PRI-e-ty - being proper; usage; custom; correctness.
pro-VID-ed - made; procured; furnished for future use.
PRO-vince - proper office or business; an authority or right to command and force obedience; an authority assigned or properly belonging to a person; it is the province of the Worshipful Master to apply the laws.
PRO-vinces - as the provinces of the J)ominion of Canada.
pro-VI-sion-al - providing for a temporary necessity; adopted tentatively.
PRU-dence - wisdom; foresight; discretion.
pru-DEN-tiaHy (pru-DEN-shuly) - cautions; worldlywise; judicious.
PUR-BLIND, POOR BLIND, OR PORE BLIND - The precise Masonic spelling and meaning are apparently lost in antiquity. Old dictionaries define the word generally as "pure, or wholly blind; nearsighted or dimsighted."
PURGE (PURJ) - to remove foreign matter; make pure; cleanse.
PUR-pose (-pus) - object; plan; aim.
pur-SUE - to follow persistently with the purpose of seizing or securing; chase.
pur-SUIT - the act of pursuing; a chase; hunt.
PU-tre-FAC-tion (-shun) - decay; or decaying with fetid odor; rotten.
PU-trid - bad; rotten; corrupt; foul.
Py-THAG-o-ras - Greek philosopher of the 6th century.
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QUALA-fi-CA-tions (-shuns) - abilities which fit a person; competence.
QUALA-FIED - competent.
QUAR-rel (KWAR-ul) - dispute; contend.
QUAR-ry (KWAR-ry) - a pit from which stones are taken.
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RASH-ness - acting without due caution or regard of consequences; reckless; impetuous; quick; speedy.
RA-tion-al (RASH-un-al) - reasonable; sane.
RAV-ages (-ijs) - ruins; to devastate.
RAV-en-ous - greedy; hungry.
re-CANT-ed - withdrew one's belief in something; revoked; recalled.
RE-ca-PIT-u-LATE - repeat the principal points.
re-CESS-es (ree-SES-es) - inner places of the mind; niche; alcove.
re-CIP-ro-cal -mutual; shared.
REC-ol-LEC-ting - recalling the knowledge of; reviving in memory.
REC-orn-rnen-DA-tion (-shun) - the act of recommending.
REC-ti-TUDE - justice; virtue; uprightedness.
REDEEMING AND CHANGING - to regain possession of by paying a price (See word "changing").
re-FLEC-tions (-shuns) - the casting of blame; thinking; thoughts.
REF-or-MA-tion (-shun) - the act of reforming.
re-FRESH-ment - the opposite of labor; that which refreshes, as food, drink or rest.
re-GARDS - give heed to; due observance; as concerns; consider; certain points of view.
REG-u-1ar (REG-u-ler) - made according to rule.
REG-u-LAR-i-ty - the quality or state of being regular.
REG-u-lar-ly - in a regular manner; according to the usual method or order.
REG-u-LATE - adjust; arrange; order; rule.
re-LEASE - unbind; exempt; free; let go.
re-LI-ance - faith; trust; dependence.
re-LY - to depend; trust; repose confidence.
re-MEM-brance - that which is remembered.
REN-der - to give as due; to give in answer to requirement of duty, demand or fitness.
re-PAIR - a concourse of people to a certain spot.
re-POS-i-TO-ries (re-POZ-i-TOE-ries) - places where anything is stored.
re-POS-i-TO-ry - a depository.
REP-re-sen-TA-tion (-zen-TA-shun) - a likeness, model, statue.
REP-re-SENT-ed (-ZENT) - was the symbol of; brought before the mind.
REP-re-SENT-ing - bringing before the mind; imitating.
RES-er-VA-tion (REZ-er-VA-shun) - the act of reserving; withheld.
re-SIS-tance (-ZIS-tuns) - act of resisting.
RES-o-LU-tion (REZ-o-LU-shun) - a judgment or decision; law; purpose.
re-SOURCES - supplies that can be drawn on.
re-STRAINT - Self-repression; that which restrains.
re-SUME (-ZUME) - to begin again after interruption.
RES-ur-REC-tion (-shun) - rising from the dead; rebirth.
re-TIRED - to withdraw; retreat.
re-VEAL - to make known or disclose; announce; inform; divulge.
REV-e-LA-tion (REV-e-LA-shun) - Divine truth; that which is revealed, especially by God to man.
REV-e-LA-tions (REV-e-LA-shuns) - that which has been so revealed, as concerning God in his relations to man; the Bible; that which is or has been revealed.
re-VERE - to regard with veneration; reverence; admire; worship.
REV-er-ent - feeling reverence.
REV-er-EN-tial (-shul) - expressing reverence.
REV-er-ent-ly - expressing reverence.
REV-o-LU-tions (REV-o-LU-shuns) - the act or state of revolving; a cycle.
RHET-o-RIC (RET-) - the art of discourse; writing.
RID-i-CULE - mock; deride; scoff; quiz.
ri-DIC-u-lous (-yu-lus) - exciting or calculated to excite ridicule.
RIGHT - a power or privilege; just; proper.
RIGHTS - a just and proper claim to title to anything, or that which may be claimed on just, moral, legal, or customary grounds.
RIGHT-ly - honestly; uprightly; correctly.
RIGHT WOR-ship-ful (RIGHT WUR-ship-ful) - (right or greatly respected) worthy of honor; entitled to respect by reason of character or position; a title of honor in addressing person or station.
RIG-or - severity; harsh; chill; be stiff.
RO-man EA-GLE - symbol of imperial power in Rome.
RUB-bish - waste; refuse; broken matter; trash.
RUDE - rough; crude.
RUF-fi-ans - lawless, brutal, cruel fellows; rough fellows.
RUTH-less (ROOTH-less) - having no compassion; cruel; merciless.
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SA-cred (SAY-cred) - set apart or dedicated to religious use; hallowed.
SAINTS JOHN - The Baptist and the Evangelist.
SAL-u-TA-ry - healthy; useful.
sa-LUTE (sa-LOOT) - a gesture of greeting; compliment; respect.
sa-LUT-ing - the act of greeting, complimenting or respecting.
sanc-TO-rum (sank-TOE-nun) - the holy of holies; a place of great privacy.
SANC-tum (SANK-tum) - a sacred place.
SAT-is-FAC-to-ry - answering fully all desires; adequate expectations; sufficient.
SCEP-ter (SEP-ter) - an ornamental staff.
SCRIP-ture - the sacred writing of any people.
SEA-FAR-ing (-FARE-ing) - traveling over the ocean; following the seas as a calling.
SEARCH (SURCH) - the act of seeking or looking diligently; inquiry.
SE-cre-cy - something not to be told; concealment; privacy.
SEC-re-TA-ry - one who attends to correspondence, keeps records.
SE-cret arts - rules and regulations kept separate or hidden from view or knowledge; arts.
SE-crets - thing hot to be told.
SEEK - to go in search of; look for; to strive for; to try to go to.
SEN-tence - a related group of words; final judgment.
SER-aph (SER-uf) - an angel of the highest order.
SEV-er-al - being of an indefinite number; more than two.
SEV-er-ed - cut or broken apart; disjoined; separated; divided.
SHEAF - bundle of wheat or bundle of straw.
SHIB-bo-leth (sometimes pronounced Sibboleth) - a test word; watchword.
SIG-ni-fi-CA-tion (SIG-ni-fi-CA-shun) - that which is signified; meaning; sense.
SIG-ni-FY - to make known by signs or words; express; communicate.
SIG-ni-FY-ing - alluding; meaning.
SIM-i-LAR-i-ty - things that coincide with or resemble each other.
sin-CERE-ly - honestly; really; truly.
SIN-gu-lar (SING-gu-lur) - standing b y itself; isolated; queer; rare.
SIT-u-AT-ed (SICH-yu-A-ted) - fixed a site for; placed in a position.
SIT-u-A-tions (-shuns) - conditions as modified or determined by surroundings; status.
SKILI-ful - having skill; clever; trained; expert.
SLIPPED - slid; glided.
SLIP-peth - slid; glided.
SLIP-ping - sliding; gliding.
SOL-emn (SOL-um) - exciting; grave or serious thought; serious; impressive.
so-LEM-ni-ty - gravity; reverence; solemn feeling.
SOL-enmly - earnestly; seriously.
SOL-id - in mathematics having or relating to the three dimensions of length, breadth and thickness; not hollow; firm; compact; hard; sound; dense; filled.
SPE-cies (SPEE-sheez) - race; strain; kind; breed; sort.
SPEC-u-LA-tive (SPECK-u-LA-tiv) - pertaining to theorizing or conjecturing.
SPOILS - takes by violence; plunder; booty.
STAR and GAR-ter - an English Order about 1350 A.D.
STA-tion (STA-shun) - a place where a person or thing usually stands or is; an assigned location.
STAT-utes (STAT-uts) - any authoritatively declared rule, written decree, or law.
STEAD-FAST (STED-) - firm; constant.
STRENGTH-en-ed - made strong; became or grew strong or stronger.
STRETCH - to extend or draw out.
STRICT - observing or enforcing rules exactly; rigidly observed.
STRICT TRIAL - act of trying or testing.
STROVE - made eamest efforts.
stu-PEN-dous (-dus) - large in size; bulky; immense.
sub-DUE - to render mild; soften; to conquer.
sub-LIME - characterized by elevation; nobility; awe; grand; solemn; lofty.
sub-MIS-sion (sub-MISH-un) - the act of submitting; a yielding to the power or authority of another; obedience; humility; resignation; meekness.
sub-MIT - yield to authority; obey.
sub-OR-di-nate (-nit) - belonging to an inferior order in a classification.
sub-SIST-ed - existed in or by something; to have retained the present state.
SUB-stance - the material of which anything is constituted.
SUB-sti-TU-ted - put in the place of another person or thing; replacement.
SUC-coth (SUCK-oth) - ancient city of Palestine.
SUF-fer - to undergo; to be affected by; allow; tolerate.
SUM-mons - a call to attend or act at a particular place or time (cite).
SUN-dry - several; assorted.
su-PERB (su-PURB) - having grand impressive beauty; edifice; costly; elegant.
SU-per-fice (SU-per-fm) - in mathematics, a magnitude of two dimensions having only length and breadth; a surface or its area; external appearance; exterior part.
SU-per-FLU-i-ties - excesses; wastes.
su-PE-ri-or - surpassing in quantity, quality, or degree; more excellent.
sup-PLANT - undermine; to take the place of.
sup-PORT - sustain; uphold; aid.
sup-POSED - thought or imagined to oneself as true; assumed.
su-PREME - highest in power or authority; highest in degree; greatest.
SUR-face (-fis) - exterior; the outside.
sur-MOUNT-ed - capped on top of.
sur-VIVES - outlives; outlasts; lives through; remains alive.
sus-PEND - to cause to hang from a support; annul temporarily, as a law.
sus-TAIN - to uphold as a weight; to endure without yielding; support; prop.
SUS-te-nance - that which sustains; livelihood; means of support; food.
SWERVE (SWURV) - to turn aside from a prescribed, expected or usual course; to rove; to wander.
SWORD (SORD) - a weapon consisting of a long blade, fixed to a hilt.
SWORE - past tense for swear.
SYL-la-ble - that which is uttered in a single vocal impulse.
SYM-bol (SIM-bul) - emblem; letter; mark; sign.
SYM-me-try (SIM-i-tri) - harmony; order; proportions; balancing.
sy-NON-y-mous (si-NON-i-rnus) - alike; similar in meaning.
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TAB-er-NA-cle (-NA-kl) - a tent or similar structure.
TAUGHT (TAWT) - past tense of teach.
TEM-per-ance - self control; abstinence; calmness.
tem-PES-tu.ous (-tu-us) - stormy; turbulent; violent.
TEM-po-ral - pertaining to temple; pertaining to affairs of the present life, as contrasted with eternity; worldly; earthly as opposed to spiritual; also transitory or temporary.
TEN-ets - opinions; principles; doctrines.
TER-mi-NATE - finish; end; cease.
ter-RES-tri-al (-tre-al) - belonging to the earth.
TES-fi-mo-ny - evidence; proof; affirmation.
THENCE - from that place; away from there.
THE-o-LOG-i-cal (-LOJ-i-cul) - pertaining to the nature of theology.
THE-o-rems - a proposition setting forth something to be proved.
THRICE - three times; in a threefold manner.
TI-dings - reports or information; news.
TI-L-ed - to secure against intrusion specifically in Freemasonry; to place the doorkeeper or Tiler at the door of a Lodge; to keep out unauthorized persons.
TIL-er - a layer of tiles; the doorkeeper of a Masonic Lodge.
TO-ken (TOE-kin) - anything indicative of some other thing; mark; sign; symbol.
TORN - pulled apart.
TOR-ture (-choor) - great mental suffering; agony.
TO-WIT - that is to say; namely; to introduce a detailed statement or an explanation.
tra-DI-tion (truh-DISH-un) - the transmission of knowledge; customs; practices.
trans-AC-tions (-shuns) - affairs; acts; proceedings.
TRAN-si-TO-ry - existing for a short time only; transient.
TREA-son (TREE-zn) - betrayal; breach of allegiance toward our government.
TREA-sur-er (TREZH-ur-ur) - custodian of the funds of a society.
TRES-tle (TRES-1) - board for the Master to draw his designs upon.
TRES-de-board (TRES-l-bord) - a draughtsman's designing board; that on which a Mason draws the designs for his character and spiritual growth; that on which the Worshipful Master lays out his designs for the workmen.
TRIAL - the act of trying or the~ state of being tried; also a proving or testing by experience or use.
TRI-AN-gu-lar (-ANG-gu-lur) - bounded by three sides.
TRIED (TRIDE) - tested; examined.
TU-bal CAIN - the first artificer in brass and iron.
TROW-el (TROW-ul) - implement used by stone masons.
TRU-1y - in conformity with fact or truth with accuracy; lawfully; precisely.
TRUS-ty - worthy of confidence; reliable; staunch; faithful to duty or trust; firm; a trustworthy person.
TUR-bu-1ent (-bu-lunt) - inclined to rebel; disorderly; restless.
TUS-can - order of architecture.
TWAIN - a couple; two.
TWENTY-FOUR INCH GAUGE - a rule two feet long-symbolically, time, well employed.
TWICE - two times.
TY-rant - one who exercises absolute power without legal warrant.
TYRE (TIRE) - a seaport and capital of ancient Phoenicia.
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U-na-NIM-i-ty - the state of being unanimous; harmony.
un-BOUND-ed - having no bounds or unlimited extent; not limited; unrestrained.
un-ERR-ing (un-ER ("ER" as in "HER") - ing) - making no mistakes; not erring; sure; accurate; infallible.
un-FEIGN-ed (un-FAYND) - sincere; genuine.
U-ni-VER-sal - the entire universe.
U-ni-ver-SAL-i-ty - the state of being all embracing.
un-LAW-ful-ly - violation of law; illegally.
un-ma-SON-ic - violation of Masonic laws or civil law.
un-SUL-lied (-SUL-lid) - unsoiled; unstained.
un-TEM-per-ed (un-TEM-purd) - unruly passions; improperly mixed for use.
UP-right - morally correct; erect; just and honest; pure; virtuous.
UR-gent (-junt) - requiring prompt attention; pressing; imperative.
URN - a vessel for preserving the ashes of the dead.
U-su-al (YOO-zhoo-ul) - such as occurs in the ordinary course of events; frequent.
U-su-ally - generally; normally; customary.
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VALE - valley; low place.
VAL-u-a-ble - having worth, price or value; costly; estimable.
VEN-geance (Juns) - avenging of a wrong; revenge.
VI-cious (VISH-us) - addicted to vice; wicked; evil.
vi-CIS-si-tudes (vi-SIS-i-toods) - irregular changes.
VILE - sinful; vulgar; repulsive.
VI-olence - outrage; fury; injury; assault.
VI-o-lent - fierce; severe; wild; mad; frantic.
VIR-gin (VUR-jin) - a maiden; pure; uncorrupted.
VIR-tue - chastity; duty; purity.
VIR-tues - moral excellence; rectitude; duty; honor.
VIR-tu-ous - morally pure and good.
VI-tal - affecting life; fatal to life; most important.
vo-CA-tion (vo-CA-shun) - a stated or regular occupation; a calling; a certain career.
VOID - an empty space; vacant; blank.
VOL-un-TA-ri-ly - own free will or choice; spontaneously.
vo-LUTE - a spiral-like ornament; spiral or twist.
VOUCH - to assert; affirm; bear witness.
VOUCH-er - one who avouches for another; a witness; attest.
VUL-tures (-churs) - birds feeding mostly on carrion.
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WAFTS (WAHFS) - floats.
WAR-rant (WOR-ant) - a document conferring a certain authority; charter.
WA-ter-FORD - symbol of plenty.
WEAK-er - lacking in power or ability; capacity or right.
WEST-er-ly - lying in, directed toward the west.
WHENCE - from what place or source; of what origin.,
WID-ow (WID-o) - deprived of a husband.
WORK-ings - engaged actively in some employment; relating to or occupied by work; action; business.
WORLD-ly - earthly; not spiritual.
WORN - past participle of wear.
WOR-ship-ful (WUR-ship-ful) - title meaning respected.
WOR-thy (WUR-thi) - possessing worth; moral; virtuous.
WRETCH-es - those who are mean or worthless.
WROUGHT (RAWT) - effected; worked in shape; made.
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X, Y and Z
YE (YEE) - you; the person addressed.
YIELD - to give way under pressure; relinquish.
ZARE-than (ZARE-thahn) - an ancient city of Palestine.
ZEAL (ZEEL) - enthusiasm; eagerness.
ZEAL-ous (ZEL-us) - filled with or incited by zeal; enthusiastic; eager; intense feeling or desire.
Ze-RED-a-THA - a town near Succoth.
ZIF - the second Jewish month.
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